A vibrant city that blends a wealth of heritage with contemporary attractions.

The Spanish capital of Madrid provides a wonderful opportunity for students to exercise their language skills by communicating with native speakers while learning more about the capital city. Madrid is a vibrant city that blends a wealth of heritage with contemporary attractions and activities.

The Heart of Spain

Spanish music has had a significant impact on music in Western culture, making the country, and especially its capital city, an ideal location for music students. Madrid is known for classical music and visitors to the city can experience operas, symphonies and choirs at the many theatres and cathedrals across the city.


Popular Excursions

  • Bernabeu Stadium
  • Las Ventas Tour
  • Palacio Real
  • Parque del Retiro
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Prado Museum
  • Reina Sofia Art Museum
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
  • Warner Bros Theme Park

Culture and History Combine

Madrid is a hugely popular destination with its mass of art galleries, tree-lined boulevards and lively plazas. In this city of Velázquez and Goya take your group on a visit to the remarkable Reina Sofia Museum or the Museo Nacional del Prado.

Stunning architectural works by Gaudí.

In the Catalonian capital of Barcelona, the rich history of the city is complemented by contemporary life. With stunning architectural works by Gaudi and a host of art and graphics by influential 20th century artists such as Picasso, Miro and Dali, Barcelona exudes art and design at every turn.

Barcelona is a great place for food technology groups to start discovering the wonderful cuisine of this region. “Las Ramblas”, a long and vibrant street in the heart of the city, has artists, street entertainers, plazas, shops, restaurants, street food and cafes, and is a must-see.

The Home of Gaudí

Architects around the world admire Gaudí’s work as being one of the most distinctive architectural styles. His work has greatly influenced Barcelona’s architecture, and you will see Gaudí’s work all over the city.

Gaudí’s work was greatly influenced by forms of nature and this is reflected by his use of curved construction stones, twisted iron sculptures and organic-like forms. He adorned many of his buildings with coloured tiles arranged in interesting patterns. This added another important dimension to his buildings which is so often overlooked by architects – the use of colour.

The combination of original design, interesting shaped stonework and vibrant colours in Gaudí’s work gives the viewer a truly breathtaking visual experience.


Camp Nou: The Field of Dreams

At the Camp Nou stadium, you will learn about the history of FC Barcelona and its incredible achievements.

View the 22 Liga and four Champions League trophies that FC Barcelona have won over the years in the FCB Museum.

Explore the field of play, the magical place that every player wants to tread. There is no doubt that you will get some of the finest views of the Camp Nou from here.

Beautiful coastline and vibrant cities.

Spain offers tremendous opportunities for school trips with a focus on art & design, business studies, geography, music and, of course, language.

Spain has many exciting and culturally rich cities, including Barcelona and the capital, Madrid. Barcelona, with its medieval Gothic quarter, architectural beauty, bustling thoroughfares and busy beaches, has everything going for it. Madrid is laden with iconic monuments, wide boulevards, stunning museums, and is an excellent city for shopping.

School Trips in Sunny Spain

Visit the Dali museum, Picasso museum and the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona or the Spanish Royal Palace and Warner Brothers Theme Park in Madrid. Spain is a country packed full of inspiration and has something for everyone.



The home of some of the world’s greatest scientific research.

Home to the Red Cross, Geneva is also the base of The World Economic Forum (WEF), an international organisation that brings together world leaders from the realms of politics and business to discuss and shape future policies.

For groups with an interest in politics, Geneva is a great place to visit and is the epitome of a country that impacts on a truly global scale.

The Best of Switzerland

As famous for its chocolate and cheese as it’s skiing, Switzerland is a wonderful destination for food technology groups. Whilst in Geneva, enjoy a visit to the Chocolatiere Rapp where students will receive a presentation and be educated in the art of chocolate making – with a free tasting of course. In addition, the ever-popular Alimentarium Food Museum, close to Geneva, explores all aspects of food and nutrition and is a truly unique experience.


Popular Excursions

  • Boat Cruise on Lake Geneva
  • Chocolatiere Rapp
  • Evian Natural Mineral Water Bottling Plant
  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
  • Jet d’Eau
  • Patek Philippe Museum
  • United Nations

Scenery, Science and CERN

For the budding scientist, no visit to Geneva is complete without a visit to CERN (home to The Large Hadron Collider) where physicists and engineers use the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study particle matter.

The capital of peace.

Beyond its glistening white Alpine peaks, glittering lakes, famous cheese and chocolate, Switzerland is home to the United Nations Headquarters and the world’s largest and most respected centre for scientific research – the European Organisation for Nuclear Research at CERN. 

Educational visits to Switzerland, Geneva in particular, are exceptionally appealing for science groups and for those studying politics.

At the Heart of World Affairs

Switzerland’s position as a neutral state allows it to play an important humanitarian role in world affairs and to act as a mediator between conflicting parties. With this humanitarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair, Geneva is the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross and is known as the “capital of peace”. Culturally, the city has much to offer with an extremely diverse range of museums – where else would you find a watch museum with a collection of jewellery watches and musical clocks!



Popular Excursions

Swiss Parliament - BERN
Aarburg Castle - ZURICH
United Nations - GENEVA
Evian Bottle Factory - GENEVA

A labyrinth of mystery and beauty.

Italian language groups will relish the opportunity to improve their skills in a city that is full of charm.

legendary venice

Take your students on a trip to Venice, where the beauty and the bustling atmosphere is bound to encourage them to practise their language skills and discover more about Venetian history and culture.


Popular Excursions

  • Correr Museum
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Gallerie dell’Accademia
  • Grand Canal
  • Guggenheim Collection
  • Murano Glass Museum
  • Piazza San Marco
  • San Marco Basilica

Canals and Culture

Ride a gondola on the Grand Canal, visit the attractions of Doge’s Palace and Saint Mark’s Basilica, or take a short journey to the Roman settlement of Lido di Jesolo, which has become an irresistible seaside attraction for visitors.

Venice is bursting with architecture, art, history, music and religion – it is simply a labyrinth of mystery and beauty.

Excellent for groups focussed on classical studies.

Rome is one of the few cities in the western world with a vast collection of works with major artistic and historical significance. For any educational tour group, Rome is simply sensational.

Students will discover first-hand the inspiration and influences of the great artists and architects, both past and present, that have graced and enriched this country.

The Seat of Civilisation

Alongside other countries of the Mediterranean region, Italy is a compelling environment for groups focused on classical studies. As the former centre of the world’s greatest Empire, there are many artefacts to discover. Move through time and feel the brooding power of Rome, home to the mighty gladiators and warriors and political centre of the Roman Empire.


Popular Excursions

  • Barberini Palace
  • Basilica of St John Lateran
  • Basilica of St Mary Major (Sant Maria Maggiora)
  • Basilica of St Paul
  • Bioparco di Roma
  • Borghese Gallery and Museum
  • Circo Massimo
  • Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre)
  • Hydromania Water Park
  • Palatine Museum
  • Pantheon
  • Roman Forum
  • St Peter’s Basilica
  • The Catacombs of St Callixtus
  • Time Elevator
  • Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps
  • Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

Activities for All

Rome is a tremendous city, where students will find no shortage of activities, including museums, galleries and, of course, shopping.

Britain’s most-loved theme park

Home to Britain’s most-loved theme park with great kids attractions, white-knuckle roller coaster rides, special events and much, much more.

Unrivalled Fun

Offering an unrivalled selection of theme park rides and attractions, Alton Towers is the UK’s leading theme park. The origins of the Towers themselves date back to the 8th century, although the theme park is slightly less historic!

Thrills & Spills for Everyone

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UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Remarkable landscapes and breathtaking scenery make Naples and the Amalfi Coast the ideal destination, particularly for geography groups.

Walk through history

Take a trip to the cultural heritage site of Naples, with its narrow alleyways and catacombs, or walk the ancient streets in nearby Pompeii. Study the effects of volcanic disruption from the mighty Mount Vesuvius and investigate the buried towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum.


The experience of a lifetime

The Amalfi coast, declared World Heritage status by UNESCO, is an area of outstanding beauty that provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore coastal processes and tourism.

The agreeable climate and seductive landscape of this striking region of Italy will ensure your groups expand their knowledge and have the experience of a lifetime.

Vibrant city that is bursting with visitor attractions.

Right here at home, York is a firm favourite with our school groups. Just two hours by train from London and easily accessible from any part of the country, it is a vibrant city that is bursting with visitor attractions.

York is steeped in cultural heritage, with its Roman and Norse ancestry, and the city is resplendent with beautiful architecture and iconic landmarks, such as York Minster – one of the world’s most impressive cathedrals.

A trip down memory lane

Students can capture stunning views of the countryside and experience York’s stormy history with a visit to Clifford’s Tower, where Roger de Clifford was executed for treason and hanged in chains from the tower walls.


Excellent Excursions

The Jorvik Viking Centre is a recreation of the past and home to one of the most astonishing discoveries of recent times (which revealed the living environment of the Viking-Age city of Jorvik). Add to these; the Railway Museum, the Castle Museum, York Maze, York Dungeon, the famous shopping street “The Shambles” and you have the makings of a perfect trip.