Leisure and tourism at its very best

Overflowing with iconic landmarks, grand monuments, museums, famous artworks, stunning scenery and superb cuisine, Paris has it in abundance.
Where else to take your students than on a visit to this tremendous capital? On every corner, at every turn, this beautiful city bursts with opportunity and is the epitome of leisure and tourism at its very best.

Peerless Paris

Picasso, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Monet… the list of some of the most revered artists the world has ever known is endless and Paris has original works by all of them. Inspire your groups with unrivalled opportunities to view masterpieces of stunning art, sculpture and architecture. The French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, The Restoration, World Wars – France has endured its fair share of historical turmoil and Paris is a popular destination for our history tours.


History around every corner

For music and science, excursions include the superb concert venues at Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower bandstand, La Madeleine church, the Palais de la Decouverte (Palace of Discovery), the Marie Curie Museum and Futuroscope theme park. A trip to the permanent math exhibition at La Villette Cite de Sciences et de L’Industrie is highly recommended for math students.