Understand the terrible cost of war.

Renowned the world over, the wartime historic town of Dunkirk has many monuments and museums of the second World War that offer a wealth of insight and knowledge of this turbulent period of history.

Operation Dynamo, that saw the evacuation of 340,000 allied soldiers to England, is but one of the memorial events that happened in this French harbour town. The Mémorial du Souvenir tells the incredible story of the battle and of the evacuation.

History you can feel

All but flattened during the war, Dunkirk was completely rebuilt and now boasts fantastic boutique shops, restaurants and attractions, including the Dunkirk Carnival, the Port Museum (charting Dunkirk’s maritime history), Lieu d’Art et Action Contemporaine (a collection of Contemporary art from the 1950s) and La Coupole (a former rocket launching base that has been transformed into a history and science centre).