The capital city of Europe.

Strasbourg is a dynamic and vibrant city. Following the Second World War, the city was chosen as the European capital and it stands as a shining symbol of reconciliation.

Home to numerous international organisations and a wealth of historical monuments, the entire town centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Europe’s capital

Strasbourg has no shortage of culture, including museums, theatres, an opera house, concert halls, and many annual festivals.


Popular Excursions

  • Council of Europe
  • European Court of Human Rights
  • European Parliament
  • Guided Tour of Strasbourg
  • Le Palais du Pain d’Epicese
  • Strasbourg Cathedral
  • Struthof Concentration Camp

Something for Everyone

For music and science, excursions include the superb concert venues at Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower bandstand, La Madeleine church, the Palais de la Decouverte (Palace of Discovery), the Marie Curie Museum and Futuroscope theme park. A trip to the permanent math exhibition at La Villette Cite de Sciences et de L’Industrie is highly recommended for math students.

On a trip to Strasbourg don’t miss: The Petite French Quarter (a picturesque and charming district with narrow lanes, canals and locks); Cathedral Notre Dame (a masterpiece of Gothic art); the European Parliament (two buildings, an ellipsis and a circle representing the exchange between democracy and power); and a Batorama boat tour (providing a gentle journey past Strasbourg’s main attractions).