The capital of peace.

Beyond its glistening white Alpine peaks, glittering lakes, famous cheese and chocolate, Switzerland is home to the United Nations Headquarters and the world’s largest and most respected centre for scientific research – the European Organisation for Nuclear Research at CERN. 

Educational visits to Switzerland, Geneva in particular, are exceptionally appealing for science groups and for those studying politics.

At the Heart of World Affairs

Switzerland’s position as a neutral state allows it to play an important humanitarian role in world affairs and to act as a mediator between conflicting parties. With this humanitarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair, Geneva is the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross and is known as the “capital of peace”. Culturally, the city has much to offer with an extremely diverse range of museums – where else would you find a watch museum with a collection of jewellery watches and musical clocks!



Popular Excursions

Swiss Parliament - BERN
Aarburg Castle - ZURICH
United Nations - GENEVA
Evian Bottle Factory - GENEVA