Vibrant city that is bursting with visitor attractions.

Right here at home, York is a firm favourite with our school groups. Just two hours by train from London and easily accessible from any part of the country, it is a vibrant city that is bursting with visitor attractions.

York is steeped in cultural heritage, with its Roman and Norse ancestry, and the city is resplendent with beautiful architecture and iconic landmarks, such as York Minster – one of the world’s most impressive cathedrals.

A trip down memory lane

Students can capture stunning views of the countryside and experience York’s stormy history with a visit to Clifford’s Tower, where Roger de Clifford was executed for treason and hanged in chains from the tower walls.


Excellent Excursions

The Jorvik Viking Centre is a recreation of the past and home to one of the most astonishing discoveries of recent times (which revealed the living environment of the Viking-Age city of Jorvik). Add to these; the Railway Museum, the Castle Museum, York Maze, York Dungeon, the famous shopping street “The Shambles” and you have the makings of a perfect trip.