A unique setting for spiritual renewal

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The Story of Bernadette

Bernadette Soubirous was born in the Boly Mill on January 7, 1844. During the autumn of 1855, cholera struck Lourdes and Bernadette was not spared. Her delicate health since the age of 6 became worse and her asthma would always be with her. The family continued to struggle to make ends meet and to ease their burden Bernadette was sent to live with her aunt.

In 1857 her parents were evicted due to unemployment and had to find refuge in the Cachot, a dark room of just 3.72m by 4.4m, their descent into misery continued and starvation was on the horizon.

During this time Bernadette lived with her foster-mother but in January 1858 returned to the Cachot to live with her parents whom she loved dearly. The first apparition took place on February 11, 1858.







The greatest church in Christendom

St. Peter’s Basilica rises on the grandiose St. Peter’s Square.

Michelangelo’s mighty silver-blue dome dominates the scene, blending into the sky above, conveying a sense of the absolute and infinite, which touches the soul of all who gaze upon it.



The Vatican Museums are exceptionally important because of the richness and prestige of the masterpieces brought together under various popes over the centuries. Made up of a group of grand buildings, and countless rooms, salons, museums, galleries and churches including the Sistine Chapel and its famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512.