A popular destination for school music tours.

In addition to its theme parks and wonderful castle, Valkenburg is a fantastic place for travel groups to visit during the festive season.

Atmospheric Valkenburg

The Velvet Cave, with its stunning decorations, mural paintings, 18th century chapel and charming market stalls, is the perfect setting to experience the Christmas atmosphere. The municipal cave of Valkenburg – the largest and oldest underground Christmas Market in Europe – with its long galleries and beautiful décor is a great place to while away the hours and shop for that special gift. With Christmas parades, floats, dancers, choirs, bands, music groups and sheer enchantment, Valkenburg is a fantastic destination that truly captures the festive spirit.


Popular Excursions

  • Efteling Theme Park
  • Guided Tour of Aachen
  • Valkenburg Christmas Market

A cultural melting pot

This border town is also a popular destination for school music tours because of its eclectic influences from Holland, Belgium and Germany. Valkenburg has a large English-speaking population, making it an ideal place for students to find out about the city from the locals.