Promoting Your Trip

Ready, set, ski!

Now that you have planned the perfect trip, you will need to promote it properly to teachers, pupils and parents. How you launch your trip can make all the difference to its success, but don’t worry, we have a few tips, tricks and resources for promotion with impact.

School assemblies

Any school assemblies are an excellent opportunity to promote your trip, but it pays to be prepared. Don’t just tell pupils about the trip but show them too. We have many great resources you can use to create a presentation that will excite pupils and teachers alike. You can build a PowerPoint presentation and create physical marketing materials using the toolkit below.

School Assembly Toolkit


You may wish to create flyers or letters to promote your trip and provide essential information to pupils and parents. The proposal document we send to you should assist you with this. You should include:
  • The trip location
  • Length of the trip and dates
  • How you will travel
  • Some examples of what you will be doing
  • The cost of the trip
  • Proposed payment instalment dates
  • Benefits of the trip
  • How to register interest or book the trip
  • The IBT Travel Website to allow pupils and parents to access further information

Parent’s information evening

Parents will be paying for the trip and trusting you with their children, so it is essential you get their support for the trip. After you have made an enquiry with us, we will send you a bespoke proposal outlining exactly what is included and the costs for the trip. You are under no obligation at this point, so you can change any elements of your itinerary you wish. This is a useful guide for presenting to parents.

You should also make a clear presentation about the benefits of the trip for pupils. Pupils benefit from a learning experience, but also develop their social skills.

Parents will also naturally be concerned about safety, and you should be prepared to answer any questions they may have.

Parent’s Information Evening Toolkit