Getting you there safely

Whether you are a trip organiser, parent or student, you may have some questions about transport during your trip. We take travel safety seriously. We audit our transport providers and only choose transport services we believe to be safe and reliable. On this page, you can find out basic information about our travel policies, but you can also download our full safety document should you need more information.

Key transport details

We will hire coaches from well-established, reliable companies. IBT Travel will endeavour to select coach operators who belong to recognised industry bodies such as the confederation of passenger Transport CPT, Guild of British Coach Operators or are coach marquee accredited operators.

All coach companies used will sign a contract in which they confirm that they comply with all national, local, trade regulations, rules and codes of practice plus other laws. This contract also stipulates a set of safety standards regarding regulations, rules and codes of practice, drivers’ hours, driver vetting, insurance cover and vehicle age to which the coach company must agree prior to their usage by IBT Travel.

All itineraries for IBT coach tours are prepared, taking into account current legislation on drivers’ hours.

All UK coaches will be fitted with seat belts.

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, if it is necessary to provide a replacement vehicle, the coach will be fitted with seat belts if it is a UK coach. However, due to the different legislation in countries outside the UK, this may not be possible if a non-UK coach is supplied.

All ferries (and Eurotunnel) are regulated nationally. For major British ferry companies used, IBT Travel Ltd will check on an annual basis that levels of onboard safety are being maintained and a record of such discussions will be kept.

Rail transport complies with the independently set safety standards of the countries through which the train travels. It is, therefore, not possible for IBT Travel to audit rail transport and therefore, it is not felt that IBT can take any additional measures.

All air transport to and from the UK is regulated by the Department of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority. These bodies operate to very strict safety criteria, and no additional practical measures can be undertaken by IBT Travel. Flights originating in other jurisdictions are governed by the laws and regulations of the country in question.