With four universities, seven universities of applied sciences and more than 60 other institutions, all roads in Germany lead to the ‘capital of science’ – Berlin. It is an outstanding city with a long tradition in science. Berlin also boasts hundreds of theatres, playhouses and museums and is an exceptional destination for any student from an art or design discipline – the Bauhaus Museum captures the modernist and utopian ideals of this legendary school.

On top of that, this city has seen dramatic historical change and represents unification from East/West divide symbolised by the imposing Brandenburg Gate. Check Point Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and the Stasi Museum all epitomise the tempestuous history that Germany has witnessed.

By no means a museum, Berlin is a key location for the European business markets. For study groups, there is the opportunity to visit a variety of businesses in the area and to gain unique insight into successful global companies.